You’re driving along and you notice your vehicle is shifting rougher than normal. This could be a sign it’s time for transmission service or repair. Your automobile’s transmission is a complex system that needs a little TLC every once in awhile. Whether you drive an automatic or prefer to shift the gears yourself, you can rely on Eagle Automotive & Transmission to provide you with the best transmission service and repair you can find.

Transmission Service

The most common transmission service is a fluid flush and fill. What this means is we drain the old transmission fluid out of the system, clean it, and then replenish the system with brand new transmission oil. This service is important to prevent premature transmission damage because the fluid lubricates moving parts and helps your vehicle shift gears smoothly. Dirty or old transmission fluid can contaminate the system and damage the parts. It cannot protect the parts from overheating.

When Fluid Leaks From Underneath Your Vehicle

Over time, you might see red fluid on your garage floor underneath your car, truck, or SUV. If the fluid is more toward the center of the vehicle instead of underneath the engine, it’s probably transmission fluid. If your transmission seals, cooler lines, or pan gasket are old and worn, they can be the source of the transmission leak. It can also come from a small separation in your transmission system. No matter where the leak is coming from, bring your vehicle in right away to get it fixed.

Transmission Service and Repair

From transmission fluid changes to leaks to rebuilds, we can help you with any concerns you have regarding your vehicle’s automatic or manual transmission. Our shop is staffed with certified technicians that bring decades of experience to the table. We know transmissions. We work on both automatic and manual systems in foreign or domestic automobiles. We have the know-how you need to maintain your transmission and repair it when necessary. We can even rebuild it if that’s what you want.

Bring your vehicle in every 30,000 miles for a transmission service. We’ll drain the fluid and make sure the system is clean. We’ll also inspect it for leaks and other problems. If you don’t put 15,000 miles per year on your vehicle, make sure to bring it in every two years for the transmission service. If your vehicle is acting odd, such as not shifting properly or slipping out of gear, bring it in right away. We’ll find the source of the transmission trouble and fix it.

You can count on Eagle Automotive & Transmission to take good care of your vehicle. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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