Engine Repair & Service

Engine Repair & Service

At Eagle Automotive & Transmission, we offer our customers preventative maintenance and automotive repair all in one shop. We don’t think you should have to drive around town to different shops depending on what you need done to your car, truck, or SUV. We’re here for you no matter the problem, and we offer our customers competitive prices for our services because we know you’d rather spend your money on other things.

Tune-Up and Component Services

If you’ve looked at your owner’s manual, you’ve seen the service schedule recommended for your vehicle. Usually, spark plugs should be changed every 30,000 miles, but today’s automobile can go farther between changes. When you bring your vehicle in for its 30,000-mile check and the mileage services afterward, we’ll inspect your engine components, plugs, and wires and replace what needs it.

This Includes Fluids

We also inspect your fluids regularly, including the brake fluid, engine coolant, motor oil, transmission oil, and washer fluid. Other important parts that need regular inspection and replacement when necessary include the belts, filters, and hoses. We don’t want you to end up with a fluid leak because of a cracked hose. Clogged filters can also damage your engine and reduce your fuel economy.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

Even if you use the most expensive gasoline on the market, your fuel injectors will eventually get clogged. This is because combustion engines, which is what is in your car, truck, or SUV, leave carbon residue. Clean fuel injectors keep your engine running as it should and also help you get the most gas mileage between fill-ups. While we check your fuel injectors we’ll check the fuel filter, as well.

Maintenance Services

Preventative maintenance can reduce the need for engine repair by keeping all systems in check. This includes the brakes, motor oil, radiator, tires, and transmission. Don’t put preventative maintenance off because you want to save money. You’ll pay more for engine repairs than you will for maintenance. Driving with worn brake pads alone can damage the rotors and they aren’t cheap to replace.


You’re driving to work and your check engine light comes on. This could be an issue with your electrical or exhaust system. Even the best-maintained cars, trucks, and SUVs end up with engine trouble eventually because machines only last so long. We are auto repair experts and we’ll lend our expertise to your engine repair to keep the repairs to a minimum and the costs down.

Our shop is staffed with experienced, certified automotive technicians ready to help you with your engine repair and service needs. Call Eagle Automotive & Transmission to schedule an appointment today.

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