Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

You see that little check engine light on your dashboard come on and what do you do? Do you ignore it and hope it will shut back off? Do you give it a day or two? Or do you make a trip to your mechanic at the next convenient time? At Eagle Automotive & Transmission, we recommend that you do the latter and come see us as soon as you see your check engine light for a diagnostic scan and inspection.

Check Engine Light Parker

Modern vehicles have an advanced diagnostic system call on-board diagnostics, or OBD, that regularly scans all of your vehicle’s major systems and alerts you when it detects an issue. This issue could be something simple that requires a quick fix or something more serious that will need extensive repair. It is also possible that it detects a potential issue that could grow into a major issue if it is not repaired soon. That is why a trip to the mechanic for a diagnostic scan will save you money in the long run.

Diagnostic Test Parker

It is true that you can visit an auto parts store or just about any mechanic for a diagnostic test or scan. However, when it comes to interpreting those results and accurately diagnosing the problem it takes an expert mechanic like Eagle Automotive & Transmission in Parker, CO. While a diagnostic scan delivers codes that act like a road map pointing you to the area of the problem, it takes a thorough inspection to find the issue within that system.

When To Get a Diagnostic Test

You don’t have to wait for your check engine light to come on to get a diagnostic test or scan performed on your vehicle. Sometimes it is possible that your OBD hasn’t caught a problem that a diagnostic scan will pick up on, especially with state of the art scan tools like the ones at Eagle Automotive & Transmission.

Anytime your vehicle isn’t performing the way that it should or even just feels a little off, it is a good idea to bring your vehicle to Eagle Automotive & Transmission for a diagnostic check. An OBD scan allows our technicians to get a head start on your inspection and repair by letting us know what system is having problems.

If your check engine light is on or if your vehicle is acting up call Eagle Automotive & Transmission to schedule an appointment or stop by our convenient location in Parker today.

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